End date

This site will go off-line by the 30th of november.

Photos will be available on my 500px page. The blog entries and all the bla bla bla will merge into the great internet void.

Moving to ….

As part of the future dismissal of this website, I started sharing images on 500px.com instead. The albums here will stay until this site stops existing, and they’re not replicated yet in all cases. But with time, they will, and be higher resolution than they are here.

So, please do head over to my 500px site!


Recipes I like (VI)

Part of the fun of shooting black and white film is experimenting. Once you develop your film yourself, there are numerous developers to try. Also the number of films available in the market is solid. Actually, the situation has gotten better in the last years. There is plenty to choose from.

It’s not all roses and sweetness, though. As mentioned before, things are getting more expensive. As in my last recipe, this recipe is another one that came out of a quest to lower cost a bit.

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Prime sequences

Sometimes advice is good and bad simultaneously. Good when it helps you consider something you might not have considered before. Bad when it’s conveniently followed without further thought.

Like in a previous posting, this is a story about a tip often heard, a common advice on forums and in real life. Well, not so common, because it’s exclusively about lenses with a fixed focal length.

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Art-ificial gloom and doom

It’s near impossible these days to read any technology related site without getting swamped in stories on ChatGPT. Or tech-oriented forums, comment sections and so on. As users are exploring the abilities of this technology, more and more use cases emerge.

So today, on a Dutch technology site, somebody wondered whether it signaled the end for the ‘graphics industry’ – mostly meant as graphics designers.

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Quick update

It’s been more than a bit silent on this site. All my fault. Busy with other stuff, short holiday, a backlog on photos to cull, edit and process. Actually, I’m trying to go through that backlog first a bit, to be able to add to the album on this site, and to have some visuals to liven up postings here.

So with all that… real updates will have to wait for the next year.

Have a great start to 2023, and hopefully it’ll bring a year that improves on everything that 2022 ended up being.

Totally unrelated photo, just because I happen to like it.