Moving to ….

As part of the future dismissal of this website, I started sharing images on instead. The albums here will stay until this site stops existing, and they’re not replicated yet in all cases. But with time, they will, and be higher resolution than they are here.

So, please do head over to my 500px site!


Oh, oops!

Probably messed up some settings for comments to posts… if you ever tried commenting, sorry! Nothing made it through the overly tight settings… Hopefully it works better now!

Welcome to my site

Welcome to my website!

This is just my own private bit of the internet – nothing specific and nothing particular. As I’m a hobbyist photographer, it’s pretty inevitable there will be plenty of photos and some opiniated rants on photography. And other things that interest me or drew my attention may find their place too… So all in all, a lot of nothing and a bit of everything.