Holiday Photos

Holiday photos, or just snaps? There is obviously nothing wrong with being a tourist. Holidays are an excellent excuse for making photos. Many.

Perhaps holiday photos are just snaps; not the result of a study, not the result of intimate knowledge. Just a quick encounter with the subject. You may or may not have caught the best moment, the ideal light. Too bad, no second chances, on to the next sight.

The comment I often get is that you don’t see a place well because you’re taking pictures all the time. I don’t quite get that. It’s rather the reverse – looking all the time, absorbing the scene.

Holiday photos come from the bewildering first encounter, that sense of awe. They may seem banalities, but they capture a sincere first impression, full of amazement and discovery.

Spain – 2006

Malta – 2012

Canada – 2017

Ravenna – 2019

Amiens & Normandy – 2022