Holy Trees

Alberi Sacri, or holy trees. A quartet of ficus trees near the port, on the island of Ortigia in Siracusa (Sicily). Four old, impressive, large trees.

They’re much like a string quartet: in many ways they’re very similar, but each with a distinct different role. Each of them adds different timbre or melody and delivers a different aspect to the experience. The shapes of the trunk and branches as melody lines, very different and delivering counterpoints as well as harmonies. And their textures as timbre, from the rugged sound of the lower regions of the cello, to the velvet sharpness of the high regions of the violin.

Now change the light, and they change roles. Change the season, and they change sound. As a string quartet, 4 solo roles form a very dynamic unity.


These photos were mostly made in 2015, all strictly on 35mm black & white film, and they form just a small selection of my fascination with this spot.