Sound of crickets….

Yes, new posts are becoming increasingly irregular. Times between one update and the other increases too. I’m not being half as active as I was in the beginning.

The crickets chirp, and it’s an almost deafening sound.

There is a multitude of reasons, but such increase in silence is never a good sign. And indeed it isn’t.

Somewhere this year, I’ll quit keeping this website up. Costs increase, while my enthusiasm or desire to keep it up to date is waning. As a vehicle to share photos, there are easier and more affordable ways. And the blogging activity…. let’s be honest, I’m no good at it. It’s opinionated drivel and I dislike being this opiniated.

So, the posts will stop. The photo albums here will start finding a new home (not yet sure where, but it’ll be a photosharing service like 500px, Flickr or similar). And then at some point later this year, I’ll hand back the domain name to the registrar.

With that said, whoever had the courage to read any of my posts here: my apologies for doing that to you.

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