Why digital?

So, why use digital if you like using film so much? If I enjoy myself with the more physical process of developing negatives, and since very short making prints, why bother with a digital camera? It’s not like a good digital camera is cheap.

Apart from not quite getting why people feel one should make a choice, there are plenty situations where the advantages of digital outweigh the attraction of working with film. In fact, in explaining why I use film, there were plenty arguments pro-digital. More than there were arguments pro-film.

But there are some specific points that I really like about my digital toolbox. The flexibility and the instant ability of the camera is mighty nice. Not only in the sense of being able to switch from ISO64 to ISO6400 between shots, but it’s a speedy camera (not an all-out speed monster, but fast enough). It can take on any task that I might do.

While I can share lenses between my film SLRs and my digital body, I don’t do that much anymore. The look I want to get with film is also related to lens choices. The lenses I use on digital give different results, and I like the differences and having the choice between them.

The freedom to experiment – since I already have the digital gear, the cost isn’t going to get any worse. So not having to consider 36 exposures on a roll does open the gates for more experiments, more random attempts or quirky things. A lot of rubbish, but occassionally something good comes out, plus I learn a lot this way. That doesn’t stop me from experimenting on film too, but it is less.

Last, and that’s something where some may disagree, but I like digital better for colour. Mainly because I don’t particularly like colour films, and I’m not after the specific look of any colour emulsion either. If any, I like Provia slide film, but I don’t find it compelling better. And scanning takes time, and slide film isn’t cheap by any stretch of imagination.

So, to me, plenty arguments to have both film and a digital sensor around. And the phone gets used too, another fun device that has its constraints, strengths and the ability to be the right tool at the right time.


What’s the point I’m trying to make here? Sadly, I must admit, I don’t know. It felt natural to balance a piece on film out with a piece on digital. Because I really dislike the false dichotomies that are so prevalent on many sites: either film, or digital. Either colour, or black-and-white. Either a gearhead or defending that gear doesn’t matter at all. A versus B, and you must make a choice. It’s so anti-creative and non-constructive.

Live and let live. Celebrate choice. Do what works for you, and let others do what works for them.

Right, so now there should be enough of a baseline for this website on where I stand, what I care about and what I don’t care about. Back to the regular program.

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