Why this site?

Why yet another website with opinions and rather unstructured work of a well meaning hobbyist? Doesn’t the internet have enough of those?

Probably, yes. But then again, why not add more? After all, you’re here now.

It once started, many moons ago, as an easy way to share some photos, combined with an effort to become somewhat proficient at building a website for myself. So it became a site of little words, many photos and mediocre functionality. But fully homegrown! Ha!
And every year I told myself I’d build a more functional and modern site that year. And next year, the same story. Rinse and repeat.

So ultimately, after many years of procastrinating and postponing, I bit the bullet and went for something ready-to-run. A lot less hassle, and less feel-bad-factor for not getting anything done. Now that it’s here… well, let’s add some text too. Of course, the photos are returning too, but putting up some thoughts and ideas as content isn’t too bad either.


As I like reading on photography – be it how others work and conceive their images, be it techniques,  be it art, critiques, and so on – adding my own bit of experience and knowledge makes sense. It’s a wide topic, and while making a photo is easy enough, making a good photo is hard enough. Plenty to discuss about the rocky road to that good photo.

So, not entirely free of pretense, this is a bit what this site aims to deliver. Some early content (like this post) started in Dutch, but being a small language area and knowing a fair number of people who do not speak that langiage, I decided to revert to English. It’s not my native language, so if I talk rubbish…. 😉

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